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Is Your Phone to Blame for your Acne?

Is your cell phone to blame for your acne?
There is a common type of acne called Acne Mechanica and it is caused by heat, pressure, friction, or rubbing of the skin. The pressure placed on the skin’s oil glands stimulates them, causing an increase in acne flair-ups.
Not only is your cell phone heating up and often pressed against your face, but it probably is covered in a huge amount of bacteria. Heat + Bacteria + Friction + Sweat = Zit.
Pimple math.
But really this is an easy fix!
All you need to do is clean your phone regularly and / or wear the headset instead of pressing the phone onto your face.
Sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact.
Acne Mechanica can affect any area of the body, so If you have an area on your face or body that breaks out regularly, consider what could be triggering it. Remember, all it takes is heat, friction, pressure, bacteria, you get the point.
Maybe it is a purse strap on your shoulder, resting your chin on your palm while you work, tight exercise clothing that needs a good wash, sunglasses that rub on your nose or on your cheek.
Think about it and see if you can make any adjustments.
Oh, and while you are at it, sleep 7-8 hours a night, drink water, eat well, and use good, clean, and effective skincare.
I know. That's a lot, so maybe just start with the phone. :)

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