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Pesky Fragrance May Be Messing With You

Today I want to talk about irritated skin. I'm seeing it my facial chair weekly. So many things cause irritation but sometimes it is the smallest change that makes a huge difference.
Let's take fragrance, for example.
I had a client in my chair last week who told me that no matter what she uses on her face, make-up or skincare, her eyes get irritated and tear up, making it impossible for her to wear make-up or treat her skin with creams or serums. That sounds frustrating. I suggested that maybe she is allergic to the fragrance that is in so many cosmetics and skincare and so we conducted a little experiment.
I applied to her face the Hale & Hush Saffron Moisturizer, Brilliant Eye & Lip (around her eyes) and dusted her face with some custom-blended Mineralogie foundation. She looked lovely, hydrated and natural but the true test was if she later experienced any issues or irritation.
It was a success! After years of no make-up or products due to issues, she has an answer. She texted me many hours later and said there was no irritation and no issues and made an appointment to come back to create her custom color make-up and purchase some skincare. It makes me feel good.
My go-to line is Hale & Hush. They don't use ingredients that irritate like fragrance, sulfates, parabens, gluten, etc but they do use highly effective, state of the art ingredients that actually work!

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