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We're Live!

I'm so excited to launch the Julia Elizabeth Olsson site! I finally have an online store where I can carry and discuss the products in which I believe! I haven't yet had a chance to add all my lines or goodies to the site,  but I wanted to make sure to start with one of my all time favorite skin care lines, Hale & Hush. Hale & Hush is a line of products dedicated to "Sensitive Skin," but I honestly use these products on ALL my clients at different times. These products are effective for a wide spectrum of conditions, from those of us who have some mild redness or just plain ol' aging, to those suffering with rosacea or even skin problems resulting from strong medical treatments like chemotherapy. Hale & Hush products are not only gentle and effective, but they have some amazing ingredients that you can't find easily elsewhere. Have you heard of Saffron Meristems, or Black Rice Heart? Well, Hale & Hush has 'em! I'm talking science and really cool ingredients that work! You can search this site for products that will work for you by typing in your skin concern, and up will pop some options for you! Enjoy and thanks again for visiting!

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