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Summer Dry Skin Help

A lot of my clients have been complaining about dry skin as well as dry patches,...itchy skin...ugh. I get it. Summer does a number on your skin. Between using the A/C and swimming the the pool or ocean, our skin can take a beating. Here are a some easy tips to help:

1. When you go swimming, pat your skin dry right away before the water has a chance to evaporate. When we spend a lot of time in the water and then get out, the water evaporates from our skin and often takes with it some of our natural moisture. In addition, the salt in ocean water and the chlorine in swimming pools can break down the lipid barriers of our skin, leaving our skin dry.

2. Try using a humidifier in the house. When we use the AC, it can remove the moisture from the air. This is true for our hair too. We sometimes need extra hair conditioner during summer months (or winter when we use the heater more often.)

3. Limit alcohol and caffeine. I love a cocktail by the pool as much as the next guy but just so you know, alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate us.

4. Moisturize and use sunscreen. No brainer, really. But it is a big help. For the face, I recommend the Hale & Hush Broad Spectrum SPF 30 which is not only a great sunscreen but a fantastic super hydrating anti-aging cream.

And avoid harsh cleansers that can also strip the natural barrier from your skin. I love Hale & Hush's Quiet Wash.

5. Oh, and.....drink water. Another no-brainer, but besides being healthy for our insides, drinking extra water will make our skin look and feel better too.

Happy Summer everybody!

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