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No Need to Wear Red For Christmas

Holidays are here! Tis the Season! We're all gearing up for more late night parties, special foods we usually don't eat, booze, more booze, and for many of us, additional  STRESS!
If you are one of the many who suffer from Rosacea,  that holiday combo can trigger a flare-up.

No need to deprive yourself. I'm sure you are aware that alcohol, sugar, spicy foods, (all the fun stuff), can activate Rosacea. But, we all need to indulge sometimes, so I suggest you enjoy in moderation and arm yourself with one of my favorites, Hush Hydrate Gel. It is a game changer for a lot of my Rosacea clients. Thanks to the fabulous ingredients, including black rice heart, this lovely product reduces redness, cools, hydrates, and feels good on contact.

Until the end of the year, enjoy 20% off Hush Hydrate when you type in the code, COOL at checkout.

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