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Ingrown Hair = Bumpy Bummers

As you know, one of my specialties is sugaring hair removal. Sugaring is like waxing but unlike waxing where the esthetician rips the hair out of the follicle using hot wax pulling against the direction of the hair growth, sugaring removes the hair in the same direction as the hair growth with cool, natural, organic sugar paste. This means less chance of ingrown hairs and overall skin irritation.

(For those of you who are lucky enough to NOT know what ingrown hairs are, I will clarify. Ingrown hairs are hairs that are trapped under the skin resulting in a red or brown pimple-like bump. They can discolor the skin over time and are hard to get rid of. Sometimes they get infected. Fun times. )

If you suffer from ingrown hairs at your bikini line (or anywhere else on the body), there are things you can do (besides switching to sugaring) to help banish the bumps.

1. If you shave, use a sharp newer razor each time and make sure that the hair has been softened before shaving. That means shave after you have been in the hot shower for at least a few minutes. There will be less irritation and less tug and pull on the hair, hence less chance of trouble.

2. Opt for underwear with no tight elastic or looser underwear that does not cut in to your bikini line. Friction can cause ingrowns too and some of my clients have greatly reduced the bumps by switching to different, less constricting underwear. (Don't worry. They make sexy pretty ones without tight elastic.) This goes for pants and tights, etc. If it rubs or constricts, it can cause an ingrown.

3. After shaving or sugaring, wear loose fitting clothing home and for the next 24 hours.

4. Keep skin moisturized. Dry skin traps hairs. Moist skin allows the hairs to pop out easily.

5. Exfoliate. (You can use a nice exfoliating glove in the shower.) A build up of dead skin can trap hair and a trapped hair is an angry hair!

5. If you get an ingrown, warm compresses can help. Or call me. I can offer a wonderful Hungarian Mud Mask Treatment that will help draw them out.

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