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What Are Your Brows Saying?

Brows make a statement but what are your brows saying?

As you probably already know, eyebrows frame your face and make a huge difference in the way you look.

The right brow shape will help your eyes look larger and alert and can even make your face look slimmer. The wrong shape can make you look older, tired, or even angry. Brows that are too thin can make the rest of your face look puffy, your nose look larger...yikes.

Brows have been a focus in beauty for a while now, but I have seen a lot of overdone brows that look unnatural or just draw too much attention to themselves. Remember, brows are the frame and your eyes are the painting.

Natural, even bushy brows are in style right now and if done right, can be very flattering. But don't mistake natural for messy or mannish. You want to have a full natural look with a defined, trained, arch. Think groomed but not too "done."

Some women have been waxing and tweezing so long that they couldn't grow a bushy brow if they tried. No worries. There are many new products and techniques to fill in sparse brows in need of a boost. And not all women need a very full brow. Your face, not what is "in" should dictate what is the best look for you.

Your local trusty Esthetician can best advise you on shape, thickness and products to use to accentuate your brows and compliment your eye and face shape.

Happy New Year!

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