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You Don't Have To Look 25 To Be Beautiful!

I don't mean to scare people with this article. (Click link above.) I know that what happened to this woman is VERY rare and only happened because a doctor made bad decisions....but still. She truly suffered...and it is sad.

I have a lot of clients coming into my treatment room recently asking me if they should get Botox or injectables. The answer is no. It isn't making us healthier....we don't know what it does to our skin, our health, our being in the long term (read online about studies about Botox and brain function)..and makes a lot of us look unnatural or strange.

I like make-up. I'm a girlie girl. I don't think we have to wear it unless we want to, but it is nice to have the option. I love playing with color and doing my hair. I like feeling pretty. I wouldn't mind having some of those lines on my face & neck, etc. disappear. I understand the desire to have these minor procedures. Trust me. That is why I like to use and promote safe and gentle but effective skincare like Hale & Hush. However, It is my mission to remind women that we don't have to look 25 to be beautiful.

My mom is 73 and is gorgeous. Those of you who know her know I am not just saying that. She didn't do any fillers or botox. She didn't have a face-lift. She doesn't look 25 and honestly, she is a knockout.

I'm 45 and feel better about myself than when I was 25. I wouldn't mind getting my 25 year old body back, but I'd rather be me now, in this skin. We women deserve to feel good about ourselves! To focus on being healthy, and accentuate our natural beauty. Laugh lines are sexy! Let's have some fun!

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